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Art will not be shown before the appointment. During the consultation a sketch will be made. That is the time to ask questions and give input. There will be time before the appointment for any minor changes. Any major last-minute changes within 48 hours will require  
a Second Deposit and reschedule. 



Every artist is $300/hr. Pricing varies on size, detail, design, and time of the tattoo. We do not give pricing quotes over the phone or through email. To get a quote, you will need to set up a FREE consultation with your artist. 

**Specials and Events are subject to separate pricing- see event for details. 


We do not give refunds for tattoos, specials, tips, or deposits-, unless the appointment is canceled by the artist.


We have a $200 minimum for all tattoo artists.

For tattoos under 30 minutes, please contact us for pricing. 


Moth and Dagger Tattoo is appointment only and consultations are now done through zoom. Masks are no longer required but they can be worn by request. There is room for only one friend or significant other during your appointment*; children & pets are not allowed on the tattoo side for health and safety reasons. 

*During special events, friends/significant others will not be able to accompany you during the tattoo. 


When booking your tattoo appointment, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. 

Your deposit is void with cancellation less than 48 hours notice, or a no-show. Contact your artist if you need to reschedule. Deposit may be forfeit if less than 48hr notice of a reschedule. If you cancel last minute because of a "Covid Exposure"  
we have provided rapid tests.  
If you show positive on the test,  
your deposit will be rolled over. For scheduling/rescheduling with more than 48hr notice, deposits are valid for up to 6 months. 


a 15 minutes grace-period is given for being late and 30 minutes with a phone call, or your appointment and deposit will be forfeit. Cancellations and running late will not be accepted through IG Direct Message  
and the studio phone number  
cannot receive or send text messages. You will need to call the shop or contact your artist directly. 

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