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You can check out her work on Facebook or Instagram. 

Gabby Chu is originally from a city called Busan, in Sough Korea.

Gabby found a passion for drawing when she was only three years old, which continued on into her adult life. Now she can't imagine doing anything else. 

Because she grew up in an ocean country side, a lot of  that influence can be seen in her artwork. She also enjoys drawing things she sees in nature such as plants, water, and animals. 

In addition to her love of art, Gabby also interested in physics, botany, and space which also tend to reflect in her artwork. 

However, Gabby enjoy listening to her clients design ideas and using that as a template to create a unique piece that is also representative of her drawing style. 

If you are interested in booking your appointment, or contacting Gabby, you can do so here. 

NOTE: Please do not call the shop. All guests artist must be contacted directly. 

Please Note: if you would like to guest but are not a US citizen, you will need a copy of your work visa. If you are coming from a different state/country, you will need to obtain a BBP Certification and a CA tattoo license. Per CA law, no one under the age of 18 my be tattooed. 

If you would like to guest spot at our studio, please fill out the form below or contact our studio manager at

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